Radiator Balancing is Easy

One of the commonest problems with central heating systems is unbalanced radiators. Some radiators get really hot and others may be barely hot at all. Ideally they all should get hot to the touch in about the same time.

If the radiator in a room gets fully hot but the room never feels warm enough, that’s a separate issue and balancing won’t help. It’s more likely to be an undersized radiator or a draughty or badly insulated room. Balancing is useful when some radiators take far too long to get hot or may never get fully hot.

The method we use has worked well for years and it’s easy. It requires no special tools, just screwdrivers and an adjustable spanner or a pair of pump pliers. It does, however, require time and a little bit of patience. Sometimes it may take two hours but it may take three or four.
It also helps to have some idea of what’s going on in your central heating system. Understanding what’s happening takes a bit of time too.

We’ve described radiator balancing at length in an article on another web site we publish, so we won’t go through it all again here. The link to the article is below and it will open as a new page: